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i am beth troutman. we have great videos and the stories behind them "right this minute." a car wreck leaves a woman trapped inside. watch what these guys do to this car. >> the step by step to saving a life by some bad ass fire fighters. you're looking at the flames of regret after a woman douses gasoline around. >> the house on fire and set the neighbor's house on fire. >> what did she pour gas on? you will never guess. >> are you sure that wasn't a
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comedy sketch? >> laughter from village kids who for the first time -- >> see themselves. >> the gentle giant with the gadget that made it happen and news reports on a hail storm create a new internet star. >> man, those were big. >> and he is not done. >> aftermath of an accident in miami beach, florida, and pay attention to how careful and how meticulous these rescue workers are for the fire department. the girl in the car is the driver. they have her seat lowered back. watch what these guys do to this car. they cut out the windshield like a puzzle piece. here they go sawing through the windshield. it took 45 minutes of careful work to rescue this woman. >> and everybody is doing something different while the guy is cutting the windshield and you can see someone else putting a neck brace on her.
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>> here they go again. they did have the jaws of life out during this rescue taking off part of the frame here. they're taking the entire roof off of this car. this rescue video is some 20 minutes long and you can see by the end, look what the car looks like as they begin to put the backboard on this woman. no roof. no windows. >> that gives them access. that allows them to keep her at immobilized as possible to get her on the backboard t lessens the risk of any neck or spine injury. >> she looks like she is in a considerable amount of pain. i can't believe how they dismantled that thing like that in like 20 minutes. >> and able to lift her up, out, and take her to the hospital. >> these guys do this every single day. to them it is routine. they know exactly how they need to take the cars apart to know what tools to use and they do it efficiently and frequently. it is what they're best at. >> which is refreshing if you are the girl stuck in the car because it gives you the confidence to know these guys
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got me. >> good news is she was conscious and seemed alert and looked like she will be okay. big flames destroyed one house and damaged another in buoy county, texas. you see the flames going up on one house and damaging another. this is a really interesting story that we got from ksla. they think they know what may have caused this incident. >> cleaning up she saw a snake and poured gasoline on the snake and lit the snake on fire and the snake went into the brush pile and the brush file caught the home on fire. >> no way. >> she lit a snake on fire and the snake slithered around the home and set the home on fire. >> the snake slithered into a brush pile while on fire and that set the brush pile on fire that set the house on fire that set the neighbor's house on fire. their home. bad because t
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it is a sad story but the snake was outside. >> yes. she was cleaning up, found a snake. >> i thought it was in her house. >> just let it go. >> why do you have to set it on fire? >> the first rule, whenever we see video of people on fire in a movie, they always runaround. did she snake would wiggle around and do the same thing? >> you don't see that coming if you're going to try to ex terminate the snake. you don't see it taking out the neighborhood. >> if you're that scared, you call animal services, the fire department, they will take care of it. you just burnt your house down. >> manl the claims adjuster filling that form out. i am sorry, what caused that? this is something you don't expect or want to happen on a school bus, the bus driver making a turn and you can see by looking out the window. you see the students jostle around and then you hear something.
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>> what is that? >> oh, my god. >> no. >> students react oh, my goodness, what's happened? are you okay? they're talking about the bus driver. >> he is bleeding. >> look here. you can see the damage that was done. >> wow. >> according to police and school officials, a gate swung and one of the poles pierced the bus and pinned the driver in the leg. >> right now when the bus stopped, there is a poster or something stuck in the bus driver's leg. >> that's what the student saw. some of the children were hurt and none seriously. police with still investigating. no word why the gate was swinging or what happened where the gate actually pierced the about us and eventually pierced the leg of the bus driver but according to the family, they had to amputate his right leg below the knee. >> oh, no. >> that must have been some kind of heavy duty gate, too.
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it went through that bus like styrofoam. >> you could see the gate right there. obviously not a piece of pvc pipe and able to pierce the bus and do significant damage. mall security guard darren long has been arrested and booked for battery in atlanta. >> back it up. you better. >> we were one of the first to show you this video of long using a taser gun on a woman at the metro mall in atlanta last year. the video went viral and long became something of an internet hero. >> walking up. >> you better back up. >> two days ago we showed you yet another taser incident at the mall, this one from february. we skyped with long and he told us mall management was letting him go as of march 31st. according to reports he tackled someone at the mall thursday night and that's when he was arrested. this is long's mug shot taken when he was booked at the fulton
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county jail and bond was set at $2,000. we have another really cool video from justin wren, the ufc fighter and he is back in africa. last time we had him on the show we got to see kids that for the first time saw a white man and they were going crazy. >> they loved the arm hair. >> yes. this time it is the first time some of the kids in the village he is in see themselves. he takes the iphone and turns the camera on and starts recording a video and passes the phone around and the kids are looking into the phone and seeing their image and their reactions are awesome. most of them are stunned. >> it is like they're almost confused.
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>> yeah. >> she run as way. there is a girl i am out of here, i am not getting my soul stolen. >> even some adults get in on it and this is really funny when this lady walks in. she is like oh. >> i look good. >> this part is really cool because they give it to like the elder man in the village and he stares at that things forever. >> and cracks a smile. a woman spots trouble on the horizon. >> it is not bad weather she is about to capture doing something naughty. >> it is a burglar in action. see what happens when dude realizes -- >> hello. >> the house ain't empty. >> and ever wonder what it would be like if people acted like animals? >> we have the video that answers that. >> do you come here often?
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welcome back to the show, everybody. don't forget to check out you can see today's videos and more all day long. >> big time hail storm in texas. brooks sheer, texas, caused a bunch of damage to homes and cars and fortunately nobody hurt which is good. that is not what people are talking about online. people are talking about a woman named michelle clark who may have just made herself an internet meme. >> large hail storms destroyed mobile homes and busted out windows and car taillights. >> man, those was big. size of a dog gone. >> many said it sounded like nothing they have ever heard before. >> kapuya and it just came in and i looked and opened my door and looked out the door and saw hitting on the head and took off running and then i called my mama to see if she all right.
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>> did you notice she didn't take a breath that entire time and you could tell when she cut to the part with the mama she was running out of steam. >> i got to say when sweet brown talked about getting the cold pops of snow on the barbecue she rose to internet fame. >> i said oh, lord, jesus, it is a fire. >> that could be who is on the horizon for michelle clark. she is pretty hilarious, too, and very much like sweet brown. >> opened my door and looked out my door and started hitting in the head and took off running and then i called my mama to see if she all right. >> my opinion is i think she might be trying to be like sweet brown. >> yeah? >> i think she is hamming it up. we saw sweet brown got a commercial deal. i think the lady saw the cameras and i am going to do the best sweet brown. >> she probably is like this and spiced it up a notch or two for the cameras. >> man, those was big. >> who do you think is better, sweet brown -- >> ain't nobody got time for
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that. >> or michelle clark? head to the facebook page and let us know. kapooya. if you ever wonder what it would be like if people acted like animals, i have a solution for you. this video, our friend from pleated jeans, a popular blogger and all of these other places, of course, dogs love tennis ball and sees vacuum cleaner. how many people see flies up against the door doing that? >> stupid but funny. >> exactly stupid and funny. rex trying to get a coat with the short arms. >> hola. good day, mate. >> the accents are on point. >> so gross looking.
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>> they are gross looking and they're gross. >> america. >> i like how the flamingo is trying to make dates. >> come here often? >> if you're a shark you get your own sound track. >> i can't breathe. >> extremely accurate when it comes to the koala bear. >> that's it. wraps it all up. >> wait a second. i can't read. >> you're never going to believe what this homeowner caught on camera on this very bad weather day. it looked like she is shooting from a second floor down to a fence and there is a lot of snow on the ground but it is not bad weather she is about to capture doing something naughty when the camera pans over you see it is a dude that is doing something
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naughty. he tore the screen off the window and trying to break into her home as she is watching him try to do this and record him on video. >> he has no idea she is up there filming this. >> no, no. if you see once he tears the screen he peeks in the window but right about here she is like -- >> no. >> you see him look up and he still looks lieu the window again. >> i think he looked back in to try to bide himself some time. >> what he did is nonchalantly walk away from the window through the gate. >> stop, stop, stop. hey, you, stop. stop. >> he runs away. >> i wanted her to drop the flower pot on his head or something. >> yeah. >> knock his butt out home alone style. >> she did call police. she handed over the footage to them and they tried tracking him down with canines and didn't make any arrests. they're still looking for this guy. >> hello.
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his name is tanner, he is in a dental chair and about to be internet famous. >> something is wrong with me. >> yeah, something is wrong with you. a little dental surgery video magic next. >> the guy flying this jet figured out how to give it a real life after burn zero wow. and doesn't burn it? >> maybe at first and see how high it is flying now "right this minute." dd
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funny pranks are great especially when they're on our show. >> that's why we're teaming up with matt draid he will from e bomb world to find awesome prank videos. >> if you have one upload it using the my channel feature and there is a chance will you see your prank on the april fools' day show. time to take a trip to lala land because it appears as though tanner twitch is still a little loopy after getting his wisdom teeth out. here we say his dad filming. >> it is hot in here. can i take my coat off? >> he wants to dance, take his clothes off and also misses his best friend so much that he starts crying. >> ashton. >> ashton is out. lean back. put your head back on there. >> he is my best friend. there is something wrong with me. >> yes, something is wrong with you. >> yes. then he doesn't even realize his
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teeth are out. >> they took my teeth out? >> yeah. keep your mouth closed. >> the nurse eventually come it is in. >> straighten out your arm. hold still. >> are you my girlfriend? >> that was a bit optimistic. >> i want to party. >> let me see your gauze. >> eventually he gets the gauze changed and the adventure is not over there. they have to take tanner into the car. >> it is blood. >> it is your blood. >> i don't want it. i just want to hold your hand. i love my mom. i will knock you out. >> i doubt it. >> they don't call me mike tyson for nothing, dad. >> oh, my goodness. >> there is a website now where tanner is selling t-shirts with some of the catch phrases from his experience here including i am good, bro, i am knock you out, i want to party, i want to hold your hand, where the hell
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am i and you can buy these online. talk to us about this out of body experience we have tanner with his mom carly and his dad scott joining us via skype. mom and dad, what were you thinking when tanner was ag saul of this wacky stuff. >> we thought he may be faking it because he is a big ham. >> his personality. >> and when he was crying and everything else, no, he is not faking it. >> tanner, what did you think when you saw the video for the first time? >> kind of weird to watch. it is of yourself and you don't remember any of it. >> now that the video is out there, is this doing good stuff for the social life. >> actually, my facebook is kind of like really -- the first day i had the phone in school in the second period and just vibrating non-stop with notifications and my phone died. >> what is the most embarrassing part now watching the video. >> my itch. >> something is wrong with me.
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grooms a human. ♪ the afterburner, you know, the thing you see in all of the jet fighting movies and they hit the after burner and makes for a cool scene? it is something missing in remote control flight and still now david and the guys over at flight test youtube channel put an afterburner into a foam rc plane and this thing is cool. he has it on remote control and flips the switch and it shoots out the back and makes it sound and look like a real jet plane. >> is that really coming from that styrofoam plane. >> it really is. he has a butane fuel tank
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ignited by a stun gun. this guy is a genius. here is how it works. >> pushed by a serve and dispenses fuel and into the cube here. that goes and into here and that passes through one of these, one of these fits on the plane, and that dispenses the fuel in a nice circle. >> wow. and doesn't burn it? >> they had a mishap at the beginning when first testing it out where the plane caught fire and didn't work well and they perfected it and made this afterburner work. if you didn't show me how it works i would think the guy dubbed in plane sounds with the toy plane. nope. >> doesn't give it extra power? >> it does. he says he has about 15% extra thrust. >> i am surprised it didn't send it crashing down because it is styrofoam. >> i know. he is on the hunt for snowmen, and destroying them in quite
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nothing to say about this video. watch this guy juggle the soccer ball outside on the street. look at that. he is like kicking it up in the air and his leg is going around like three times before he catches the thing. >> you have to be super fast and stealth with the feet. >> look at that. spin around and make you watch this video and you go like -- >> it makes you think it is fake. this guy really has the skills like you said.
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>> he couldn't fake this even if he sped it up. watch again. you see here is the most impressive one to me towards the beginning. kicks it up in the air. three times around, catches it. >> this makes me feel so bad. reminds me of high school when i was in soccer and the coach would be like juggle and warm up and i could never juggle and i could never two or three times i would be chasing the ball all over the place. >> doesn't necessarily make you the best soccer player because this is completely useless on the soccer field but still looks good and still mad skills and we're impressed and we can't do it. >> that's true. tap dancing dog. ♪ >> wow. >> if you're tired of winter, and you like weapons, you're going to love this video. see this guy camouflaged in
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white. he is hunting snowmen and destroying them in quite spectacular fashion. the video set to the song higher but scott and doing the action moves while taking out the snowmen. i think it is a sign to end winter. you live in part of the country where it is cold, i think you feel what this guy is feeling. he leans into a full on samurai sword. >> and added insult to injury by eating the carrot nose. >> that's cold. >> cold. >> go to roibz and click on best of rtm. >> that will do it. have a great weekend, everyone, and we'll see you on monday.
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